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Saigon Catering introduces a unique culinary approach to the South Carolina Lowcountry. Our company specializes in in-home catering for parties of one or one hundred. We offer an expanse of exotic delights available in small bites or elaborate courses. Our fusion dishes are a conversation starter in themselves-- the flavor combinations are exciting and the presentations, with their eastern aesthetic, are beautifully executed.

Diverse culinary traditions of the far east and the deep south blend together to inform our ingredients, our methods and our presentations. We welcome you to peruse our menus and our food gallery, read our story and learn more about our company. If you're interested in talking more with us, we'd love to meet with you, talk through some possibilities and arrange a tasting menu. Call us to find out more about this inventive direction catering is taking in Charleston.

Anh Toan Ho (first name, pronounced Twan), Head Chef, Saigon Catering